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District CrossFit makes going to the gym the best part of your day. 

DCF vs. the world

Once you become an adult, finding the motivation to train like when you were a kid disappears.  And in it's place the fitness industry trots out a new gimmick, super food and/or method to trick you into wasting money.  At DCF, we only proven methods that any elite athlete would know well.  And we created a facility where everyday people could train like those athletes.  We built this gym to make exercise like those team sports days, not the forced monotony of treadmills and fad workout plans.  Plus our staff is made up of professional coaches, not wanna-be Instagram models.


Meet your teammates

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Team DCF


4 Years 

of crossfit games


4,100 lbs

of weight lost by our clients


2 CrossFit

separate Games


2 Regional



#1 Largest

Crossfit gym
in DC