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"Since starting I lost ~120lbs"

"I started CrossFit in 2012 as a type 2 diabetic weighing over 350 lbs. DCF helped me learn better nutrition and exercise habits that I am able to sustain.  Since starting I've lost ~120 lbs and stopped my medication to maintain normal blood sugar levels for the last 4 years. "
-Ginny H.
"I f*cking love this place."

"Five years ago,  I weighed in at 140 lbs (at 6' 0" tall).  I joined DCF 1.5 just to learn some basic lifting technique. But I quickly got hooked.   At age 41, I set new records roughly 3 times every month.  I weigh 165 lbs (+25lbs) and I feel like I'm 18 again.   I f*cking love this place."
-Jeff E.
"My best since HS, maybe better"

I used to be an athlete in H.S. I tried to maintain my fitness on my own and no matter what I tried, nothing stuck. Once I started at DCF and changed my diet, I've been in the best shape I've been in since high school-maybe better because I can do things at 33 that I couldn't at 18."
  - Ben K.