your inner athlete

Turn your fitness goals into a by-product of having fun.


The District CrossFit Experience

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Why District CrossFit?

When it comes to achieving fitness goals, most people struggle with motivation and commitment. By combining effective workout programs designed for athletes with a fun like-minded community District CrossFit makes achieving your goals the most exciting part of your day.


“I'm a competitive guy so I wanted a gym that could push me. I've never been pushed this hard or gotten this much better. It's absolutely the best part of my day.”



“DCF has become like a second family to me. The community is so full of awesome people that it's almost impossible NOT to make friends.”

— Veronica T.


“Everything about the work is true. They're difficult but rewarding. Everything about the "dangers" is crazy. The coaches help every person and I've learned so much and gotten so much better.”

— Lindsey M.