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3rd Annual DCF BBQ & Beer Pong Tournament

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When: Saturday March 24th, 5pm
WhereDCF, duh.
Who: Anyone!  Seriously friends are STRONGLY encouraged.  We like to cut loose and have fun and let's be honest: your friends don't want to work out with you.  They might hang out and play drinking games and eating BBQ though! 
Why: Because it's fun.  If you're not having fun while you're doing it and you can't enjoy the people around you, you're not gonna make it very long.  
How Much: FREE!!!!
What: Beer Pong.  BBQ.  Other drinking games.  And just general merriment.  It's like our Christmas Party x 1000000.
How to Sign Up: Just put your name (+ your teammate) on the board by the door.   Or just swing by!