"Best.  Decision.  Ever."

I had no clue what CrossFit was; but DCF was the Best.  Decision.  EVER.  I have never been career/college athlete,  I used to get a “workout addiction” every 6 months, then falter andstop.  Fast forward one year, I am still with DCF, and I can deadlift more than I ever thought possible.  The fact that I am still going and actually know what a deadlift, clean or snatch is... speaks volume.
-Jenn M.
"More Than A Gym"

"I was fresh off of triathalon season when I came to DCF.  Nothing could’ve prepared me for what I was getting myself into.  After starting I don’t see myself ever going back to my old ways.  The results are incredible, but the community at DCF is what keeps me coming back. It’s a wonderful feeling to be so connected to a gym and a workout program that just makes sense."
Blair M.
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"I Feel Brand New."
I’m about to be 28 years old and moved to DC in 2010.  I tried to stay active but I became less and less motivated by my own routine.  I tried weightlifting and running but it just wasn’t any fun.  Fortunately I was introduced to District CrossFit by a friend and now my view on fitness has changed.  I was overweight and didn’t have the best stamina; but my fellow DCFers and coaches cheered me on till I finished every workout.           
  - Bill C.


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