Stop Stretching Your Lats Like a Moron

If Your Lats Suck, You Suck!

Having good flexibility in your lats is key when it comes to CrossFit. Tightness in this muscle can affect any overhead movement as well as your front rack position.  This is super important for:

  • Optimal technique during jerks, push-press, muscle ups, pull ups, etc.

  • Injury prevention.

Check It For Yourself.

  • Lay on your back with knees bent and reach overhead.
  • Keep lower back flat and try to reach hands to the table. 

  • Like This:


If you can’t keep your back down or your hands can’t touch the table, then you need some work on your lats. 

So if you failed the test, no sweat, I got you covered‼️  Here are 4 ways to help improve your lat flexibility.


In the first clip I’m demonstrating how NOT to stretch. By just yanking on a band your pulling in all directions and can end up shrugging your shoulder which can put extra stress on the sub-acromial area of your shoulder causing biceps/rotator cuff tendinitis or bursitis.  You’ll often feel everything but a stretch in your lat.

  • Pinching at the top of your shoulder

  • A Block at the top of the shoulder

  • Tightness in the top of the shoulder

Want more?  Check out my Instagram for 4 other clips.  In it, I’m demonstrating the best ways to isolate your lat, so that you are stretching what needs to be stretched.  The first 2 are passive ways, and should then be followed up with the last 2 clips which are active ways, which will reinforce the newfound range of motion.

Try these out and if you’re still having issues, come see Dr. Mike Yasson DPT, CSCS, ART from Big League Performance and Rehab this Thursday night for our weekly mobility class at 6pm.

Andrew Killion