District CrossFit 18.1 Intramural Recap and Scoreboard


Week 1 of the CrossFit Games Open is in the books!

An important combination of pacing and not giving a sh*t lead to some great scores for the Intramural Open.

Matt Soderstrom posted the top overall Male RX'd score for team Stronger Things with an impressive 385.  Andrea May posted the top Women's RX'd score with a 338 on Friday.  All the more impressive considering she did it by herself on Friday.

Bobby Grant posted the top Men's Scaled Score (thanks to some PHENOMENAL judging) with a 367.  As a bonus, since he did it on Thursday he got 2x points and made a strong case for Week 1 MVP on team Open Enders.  Special shout out to Meg Houston and Veronica Torres for being the top Women's Scaled team contributors due to their Thursday performances; but it was Liza Fornaciari who posted the top Women's Scaled score with a 348.  

Great job everyone on completing Week 1!  In the spirit of Dave Castro here's a clue as to what the Week 2 Food Truck will be.....

Andrew Killion