New Mobility Class on Thursdays at 6pm

You're a machine.  No doubt about it.   But are you performing basic maintenance on that machine? 

Well if not we have a solution for you!  Starting next week every Thursday at 6pm we'll be hosting Dr. Mike Yasson to coach a basic Mobility class.  Each week he'll deal with a tough spot that most people deal with in their mobility.  It'll work like all the other DCF classes with two major exception:

  1. Classes are capped at 6 people in order to keep the classes orderly and effective.  You'll be asked to pre-register for those classes here.
  2. Because of the class limit you will be charged a no-show fee of $20 if you waste a spot without at least 12 hour notice.

Here are the basic details:
What: A mobility class to help you deal with basic human maintenance
Who:  Dr. Mike Yasson
When: Every Thursday at 6pm
Why: Because you're a mess and need to take care of yourself
How:  Pre-register here.

Justin Gilman