Quick Scoring Explanation for 18.2

Since Dave Castro loves making things as complex as humanly possible we're going to get a little "creative" in how we score this workout.  So this is how it's gonna break down.

  • Everyone is going to start with a score of 720 (that's 12 x 60seconds).  
  • Every second it takes to do 18.2 will be subtracted from 720.
  • Your Clean weight will be added back to your score.


Ok so let's give an example:

Frank finishes the Metcon portion in 6 minutes.  He then cleans 200lbs.    His score is 560.  Why?  Cause he started with 720 (12 minutes x 60 seconds = 720 seconds).  His time was 6 minutes (6 minutes x 60 seconds = 360).  So 720-360 = 360.  He cleaned 200lbs.  So we add that back to his score: 360 (time) + 200 (clean) = 560.


For those of you that did it on Thursday you'll get the same double score.  So in our instance Frank would've gotten 1120.  

Hope that helps explain things. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Justin Gilman