3rd Annual DCF Beer Pong Tournament

CrossFit is a great test of 9 general physical fitness attributes:


...but the problem is what about the 10th one?


Well thankfully DCF is here to put the cherry on your Open Fitness Sundae.....

District CrossFit 3rd Annual
Beer Pong Tournament

When: Saturday March 24th, 5pm
Where: DCF, duh.
Who: Anyone!  Seriously friends are STRONGLY encouraged.  We like to cut loose and have fun and let's be honest: your friends don't want to work out with you.  They might hang out and play drinking games and eating BBQ though! 
Why: Because it's fun.  If you're not having fun while you're doing it and you can't enjoy the people around you, you're not gonna make it very long.  
How Much: FREE!!!!
What: Beer Pong.  BBQ.  Other drinking games.  And just general merriment.  It's like our Christmas Party x 1000000.
How to Sign Up: Just put your name (+ your teammate) on the board by the door. 

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