3 Must-Haves for District CrossFit Success

Ok!  So you've decided to dive in.... GREAT!  You're probably thinking a few things at this point:

What have I gotten myself into?
How am I going to survive this?

No worries!  We've got your back on this.  It's 100% normal to feel a bit overwhelmed and sorta feel like you don't belong.  It probably feels like everyone knows each other and you're the "new kid in kindergarten."  Don't worry!  This isn't Mean Girls.  Despite what you might heard every here is super cool and friendly.  If anyone is mean, we kick them out (not joking).

Whether you're looking to get in the best shape of your life, meet some cool people and enjoy going to the gym, or try to make it to the CrossFit Games, here are three "Must Have" apps to get the most out of your DCF experience.

1.) WODify

WODify (here for android) is a pretty all inclusive app that we use for everything from workout tracking to payment info.  If you're a note-taker and you love writing stuff down and you're into data and all that this is the perfect app for you.  We load all the workouts to make it easy for you to track and see your progress.  It's also a super easy way to change payment info, find out about upcoming events, and also get first dips on various seminars and 

2.) District CrossFit Slack Channel

One thing you'll find out quickly (hopefully) is DCF does a whole lot more than tough workouts.  We really pride ourselves on how cool our people are (hence kicking out mean people).  We use Slack (here for android) as an opportunity to connect with folks, see what's going on in the DCF/CrossFit world and chat with folks.  I know it can be intimidating but there's nothing to fear.  Dive in and meet the crew!


You've probably figured this out by now but CrossFit is HARD!  And you're gonna be SORE!  You're gonna get super stiff so we want to make sure you stay loose.  Let's also just assume for a second you have a desk job (you probably do) and you're on a one way trip to injury town.  We want to keep you limber and ROMWOD is a great way to do it.  You're welcome to sign up for it but we have it on display up front after every WOD.  You can also check out our mobility class too on Thursdays at 6pm!

Justin Gilman