Working out at DCF is great.  We all know that 😏.  But how often do you test your skills outside the gym.  If only there was some kinda race.  Some kinda race that would test your well rounded fitness.  Something like the Spartans would've done.  Some kinda Spartan Race.  And if only you didn't have to go very far. ...

WELL GOOD NEWS FRIEND!  There's a Spartan Race at Nats Stadium on May 12th! And we've got people who want to do it with you!

Naturally you probably have some questions so here's some answers: 


What the heck is a Spartan Sprint?

The Sprint is the shortest distance race, offering 20-23 obstacles over 3-5 miles – the perfect distance for beginning Spartans and those who want to push themselves to their limit. The Stadium Series has the course weaving in and out of the Park and up and down the stairs, and will take you through parts of the Park you can’t see from the nosebleeds.

How Do I Sign Up?

Register here and join our District Crossfit team at checkout. Invite your friends and sig oths, too, as long as they’re willing to wear DCF gear.

Which start time should I chose?

You do you. You can register for any block you’d like. Other teammates in that block will be moved to a common team start time in that block (morning people will stay in the morning block, afternoon people will stay in the afternoon block) based on the preferred time that the majority of the team members in that block choose. Start times are assigned about 10 days prior to the race.

What should I do to prepare?

Keep going to DCF and working out. Run. Practice rope climbs. And be prepared for burpees if you fail an obstacle.


What do I do the day of the race?

Get together with other teammates in your block and figure out what time you want to meet and where. I suggest meeting at DCF to drop your bag and get kind of warmed up before heading over. But give yourself plenty of time to check in and get warmed up again. Watch the parts of the race you can see to come up with a bit of a game plan.

Wear your DCF t-shirt and tall socks (there are usually rope climbs).

HAVE FUN! Those of you that want to push yourselves to the max, stick together and help each other out. Those of you that just want to have fun, stick together and help each other out. Never leave a man behind – those walls tend to get taller and taller as you go.

I have other questions. . .

Did you check the Spartan Race website? Like, really look? Okay. . . check in with Parker Reynolds (on slack @parker.reynolds) and see if she can help you out!

If you have any other questions you're more than welcome to ask your DCF coach and we'll do everything to help.  Even teach you how to climb ropes!

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