Final Scores: DCF Intramural Open

Another year, another Open, another Intramural in the books.  

Open Enders managed to post the two top scores in weeks 4 and 5.  On the backs of their Thursday Super Star, Bobby Grant, they posted some impressive scores top to bottom.  Stronger Things had a lot of top end talent as evidenced by having 2 of the top 3 RX contributors.  But at the end of the day Hustle and Muscle's top to bottom talent proved too consistent.

Though they showed signs of cracking over the last two weeks, team Hustle and Muscle built enough of a lead over the first 3 weeks that there simply wasn't enough left in the tanks.  If there was more points available who knows, but the CrossFit Open Gods (aka Castro) decided to throw most points out in the beginning.

Shout out to the team MVP's for each team:
Open Enders: Bobby Grant
Stronger Things: Meg Houston
Hustle & Muscle: Sam Jenkins

Thanks to everyone who participated in not only the Intramural but the entire CrossFit Open.  Normally there's a dramatic drop off in participation as well as enthusiasm but this year was unlike any other.  You guys brought it every week and it was a ton of fun every time!

We're already pumped for 2019!

Andrew KillionComment