Beer Pong and BBQ FAQ?

SPECIAL NOTEThe March For Our Lives is planned for tomorrow.  While it's mostly downtown there are some set up things near the stadium.


It's almost here!  The 2018 End of Open Beer Pong and BBQ Extravaganza!  This is the fourth year we're doing it and I'm digging the vibe floating around so I wanted to answer some of the important questions floating around:

Here are the BASICS:

When: Saturday March 24th, 5:30pm
WhereDCF, duh.
Who: Anyone!  Seriously friends are STRONGLY encouraged.  We like to cut loose and have fun and let's be honest: your friends don't want to work out with you.  They might hang out and play drinking games and eating BBQ though! 
Why: Because it's fun.  If you're not having fun at the gym and you can't enjoy the people around you, you're not gonna make it very long.  
How Much: FREE!!!!
What: Beer Pong.  BBQ.  Other drinking games.  And just general merriment.  It's like our Christmas Party x 1000000.


Is this a potluck?

Not really.  You are more than welcome to bring some stuff but it's not a requirement.  Pretend you're going to a friend's house for a BBQ (cause you basically are).  Chips, 6 pack, veggie platter, a dessert something would be great but not important.

What time does this really start?

Seriously it starts at 5:30.  The first beer pong game starts at 5:30.  If you're not here you'll get DQ'd from the jump.  We've got too many teams signed up anyway.

What's the After Party Situation?

I like the way you think!  It can vary.  Sometimes we end up in the old Chinatown haunts or keep it local in SW down at Blue Jacket.  Sometimes there's just too much beer to finish at the gym.

I'm Showing Up Late? Can I Still Come?

Yup!  You just cant play beer pong (see above).  

Can I bring my kids, dogs and/or friends!

Hell Yeah!  We'd love all of them.  Your friends aren't allowed to do stupid drunk gymnastics stuff though unless they sign a waiver.

Will you be playing basketball?

What do you care you're team is out.  And also yes, yes we will.


Anything we missed?  Leave a comment below!

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