Why Are You Here?

Everyone has a reason for walking into DCF.

No matter the purpose, remember why you are HERE.

Are you here for general fitness?  Is your goal to get stronger and compete? Or do you want to hang out with your gym-friends.

Joining DCF for general fitness can be overwhelming and waiting for progress can be frustrating.  Don't lose sight of your purpose.  Did a coach give you a tip or correction in the group class? Practice and replicate that correction.  Do you want more attention with a specific movement or lift?  Ask one of our goofy coaches.  We are big-ole softies, but love to help.

Do you like the leader board chase?  Annoyed that Debra Do-Right out lifts you every class?

Cool. Remember WHY you are here and use the resources available.  Stick around after class and speak to a coach.  Try the strength class.  Get your feet wet in a local competition. Take advantage of Open Gym.  Focus on what YOU need to do to get better and not Ms. Do-right’s bad habits.

Do not let life’s stresses get you down.  You can always hang-out  and chill with friends at DCF - If that’s why YOU are here. Being  social does not have to end in the with the 60 minute group class.  Come hang out during Friday Night Lights. Have you dowloaded the slack app?  Check our social events channel for  upcoming events.  

Sure, ambitions change or may even fuse with other objectives.  When they do,  REMEMBER why you are here and focus on you.

Andrew Killion