District CrossFit 18.3 Intramural Update

We're finally getting some shake ups in the standings!  If anything this week should prove that NO ONE is out of it.  You just never know how many points are available in the coming 2 weeks and how much you can contribute as a team.  

It's tempting to think most the points have already been accrued but across the WODs so far the points have been very evenly distributed from week to week.  So though it might seem like 680 points or 1,483 points is insurmountable, we're talking about a 5% and 10% difference respectively, with 40% of the competition to go.  This is still anyone's game.  

This week however belonged to Stronger Things with a strong effort from top to bottom.  While many teams suffered a bottleneck at the dreaded 220 barrier, Stronger Things posted multiple 900+ scores.  

Bobby Grant once again proved to be the king of Thursday Nights not only finishing the WOD but doing it on a Thursday doubling his points to an incredible 1856 points.  Nearly doubling the 2nd highest scorer.

Hustle & Muscle turned in yet another strong performance top to bottom and continues to put the rest of the teams on notice.  Thought it wasn't their most dominating week they still managed to come within a few points of the top overall score.  

Who knows what's in store for Week 4.  Will there be 100's of points available to make a difference?  Has Hustle and Muscle sealed it?  Can Stronger Things continue their momentum?  Is Open Enders out for revenge?  

Tune in next week.......

Andrew Killion