Performance Points for the 2019 AM/PM Open

As we discussed earlier there are a variety of ways to score points during this year’s DCF AM/PM Open.  We want to find ways for people to contribute to their teams beyond just simply their athletic performance.  However, this is still an athletic competition so we want to reward those who have dedicated time and effort to be the best at CrossFit.

So here’s how we’re going to be scoring points for Team AM and Team PM.

A Quick Review

After every week, we will rank the top 20 men and women scores.  Points will be assigned in the same way they are scored for the CrossFit Games.  Those points, combined with social points and attendance points will form the total Team Scores.

Performances will be Scored on Gameday Saturday Only

In every sport, there’s only one gameday.  On any given Sunday, any team can win; but that’s still only on Sunday.  Gameday is gameday.

In the spirit of Gameday, we will only be accepting performance scores on Saturday during our Open.  You are more than welcome to re-do the workout as many times as you like for your CrossFit Games leaderboard score.  We will validate those scores as we always have. However, only the score you submit on Saturday under the eyes of our judges (more on this later), will count towards you team.  No more doing the workout on Saturday and then submitting a new, significantly improved score 30 minutes before the Monday deadline.

If you can’t make it on Saturday that’s ok; there are plenty of other ways for you to participate and provide points for your team.  But it’s

Pre-Approved Judges Only

In the interest of making this as Gameday Saturday Official as possible, we’ll also be only accepting Performances Scores from a list of pre-approved judges.  These are judges we’ve deemed to be fair and impartial and provide the fairest level of competition for both teams. These judges will be made available on Gameday Saturday and will be as available as long as possible. They will be randomly assigned to you and you will have no input as to who judges you.

Again, this is only if you plan on scoring in the top 20 men and women. Otherwise, you can perform the Open workouts as many times as you like and have whomever you want judge you if you want to submit a score for the CrossFit Games Leaderboard.  But performance scores will ONLY be accepted for the AM/PM Open on Saturdays and scored by Official Judges.

We’ll be releasing the list of judges tomorrow.

A Quick Note about Thursdays

After some discussion and feedback from you all we’ve decided the Thursday announcement is unfair.  While there are a variety of ways of scoring points for your team, Thursday PM workouts were the only one that didnt provide equal access to AM and PM.

Thursday Announcement workouts were a fun event from last year that we wanted to keep this year.  But we neglected the fact that last year teams were comprised of both AM and PMers; so it didn’t matter.  This year is clearly different.

As such, we’ll no longer be rewarding bonus points for performing the workouts on Thursday evenings.

Questions, comments, concerns?  Be sure to reach out

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