2019 Murph Details

So we’ve mentioned before that for this year’s Murph we’re going to be doing something a little different. Murph has been an ongoing event at DCF since 2012 but this year we wanted to take it to another level. No matter what level you’re at, from Unpartitioned RX’d to “what the heck is Muprp?!?” this year we’ll have something for everyone!

Workout Details

This year we’ll be splitting things up between Scaled and Non-Scaled.


Scaled Details
When: Monday, 5.27, starting at 9am.
Where: District CrossFit
What: Any version of Murph that’s not the CrossFit RX’d Version.
Why: Cause you want to take part but maybe aren’t quite at the level of a Full RX’d Murph.

Notes: If you’ve never done Murph before we’ll have plenty of coaches on hand to help scale and find the perfect Murph Variation for you. Doesn’t matter if you’re brand new we absolutely have the ability for you to take part.

This version of Murph will be exactly like how we’ve done it in the past. At “3-2-1…go!” we’ll have a mass start and it’s bit of first come first serve.

RX’d Details
When: Monday 5.27, starting at 10:30am
Where: Yards Park (starting out front of Lululemon)
What: The CrossFit RX’d Version of Murph only. (no scaled athletes for this one)
Why: Because you want to push yourself and be surrounded by others going HAM

Notes: This RX’d version this year will be outside in any weather condition (aside from lightning). We’ll be setting up the rig out front of Lululemon. We have a mile course mapped out and will have a rig set up outside. Partitioned (or non-partitioned if you like) will be acceptable versions of RX’d Murph.

You’re more than welcome to RX’d Murph at the gym at 9am but you’ll have to do it at the mass start along with everyone else.


After Party Details

As always, we’ll be having an afterparty to celebrate memorial day and hang out with your fellow DCFers.

If you’re doing the scaled version of Murph your final mile run will take you to Yards Park where we’ll have, water, beer and an awesome after party waiting for you! You’ll also be able to watch our awesome RX’d athletes take on this bear of a workout!

This year our afterparty will be catered by Willie’s BBQ in Yard’s Park thanks to our event sponsors Pets for Vets, District Dogs and Lululemon.

Friends and family are more than welcome to spectate and partake of the BBQ afterparty. Spectating is free but we do ask that they make a $10 donation to Pets for Vets if they would like food.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Feel free to reach out to andrew@districtcrossfit.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Andrew Killion