How to Win the 2019 AM vs. PM CrossFit Open

Sign ups are through the roof! At the time of writing this we have 108 signups. The PM holds a slight lead with 52% of the total but we still have a week to go. As the sign ups keep pouring in (where you at AM?) you might be wondering: why am I signing up? how do you even win this thing?!

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Scoring Overview

Unlike in past years, this year’s open will not be SOLELY be performance based. We’re hoping to balance things out so that 60% of the total points are performance and 40% are social. Here’s the breakdown:

Performance Scoring
- The top 40 RX’d scores each week will be ranked 1-40. Similar to the Games,
each placement will receive a corresponding amount of points. If AM or PM claims all 40 of the top scores, then they will receive all the points.
- ONLY scores performed on Thursday Night or Saturday will count towards this scoring.
- Every person who submits a score on Thursday or Saturday will also receive bonus points
- 2 points for Saturday
- 5 points for Thursday

Social Scoring
-Social Media posts taken at our Events each week and tagged with #DCFOpenAM or #DCFOpenPM will receive a 2 points.
-Social Media posts each week taken at one of our Sponsors (Philz, Lululemon The Yards and more) will receive a bonus 5 points.
-For every $20 spent at one of our sponsors you’ll receive a corresponding amount of points (in $20 increments). All you have to do is provide a proof of purchase. Full list of sponsors coming soon.

At it’s core, our mission is to blend fun with performance. With this point structure, both our top athletes as well as our most fun people have equal opportunity to contribute to their team. And thanks to our sponsors, we’ll be able to provide sick prize packages for our Superlatives at the DCF Annual Beer Pong Tournament on March 23rd. Full prize packages coming soon.

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Andrew Killion