2020 Open FAQ

Ohhhhhh snap!  The Open is real tomorrow!  We still have a few questions floating around so we wanted to try and answer some quick things. 

When are we doing this?

As usual we’ll be running our MAIN Open event on Saturday.  This time however we’re gonna be doing things a little earlier than usual.  Our first heat will be kicking off at 9:30am.  We don’t know how long the events will take or how many heats will be needed until things are announced but we’ll be releasing info as soon as it’s available.  

What’s the schedule going forward?

We’ll still be having “Open Gym” during the open (as best as we can) so you’ll still have options.  But our entire Saturday class schedule will be dedicated towards the Open for the next 5 weeks.

When do we have to sign up?

You’ll have until one week from today to form a team. YES, that means you can form a team EVEN AFTER week 1.  So don’t be afraid to take some note on who is crushing it week one and maybe link up to make a super team.

If you’re looking for a third teammate or if you’re a free agent go ahead and list your name on the whiteboard next to the WODify sign in.

Are the team members ranked individually with everyone that does the workout for a team composite score?

Each teammates score is “ranked” within their division (so Men/Women and RX/Scaled).  That placement is scored relative to the TOTAL number of participants in your division.    So your “team score” will be your three individual scores combined.  

At the end of the day, just do as best you can and we’ll take care of the scoring.  It’ll make a whole lot more sense once you have the first week as an example.

So if someone does one rep RX will it automatically outrank the top scaled score the way the HQ leaderboard ranked it?

Nope.  If you are registered as a “scaled” athlete then ONLY your scaled score will count.  Likewise, if you’re registered as an RX athlete then ONLY your RX score will count (for the purposes of this).  

You are still MORE than welcome to do it RX or scaled for your own personal score, but for our little comp only the score in your division will count.

For the third team member, if they register as RX but there is a workout that they need to scale can they compete in both divisions based on the workout or do they need to commit to RX vs scaled from the start?

So kinda similar to the above question. But only the score in your division will count for your team score.  So yes, even if you only get 1 or 2 reps, your score as an RX Male/Female will only be 1 or 2. But odds are in that case there will be a multitude of people with only 1 or 2 reps so your score will likely be tied with many people

Again you are MORE than welcome to do any version of the workout you want for your own personal score.  But for our comp only your one score will count.


How do I link up with other teams/teammates?

Here’s a list of the people who have listed their interest in participating in the open.  If you’d like to reach out via slack go for it! We’ll also be trying our best to link you you up with people if you’re interested.

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Andrew Killion