The 2020 DCF Open

I know it’s only 2019 but It’s time for the 2020 CrossFit Open!  As we do every year we are going to try and add a little extra spice to the competition.  Last year we did a big ol AM vs PM competition. This year we want to break it down a little bit and make it more <3 intimate <3

Quick Breakdown

Here’s the super quick breakdown:

  • Teams of 3

  • Each team must consist of 1 RX Male and 1 Scaled athlete (of either sex).

  • Winners get super cool DCF Champions Shirts

  • Free to Enter (no need to even register with CF Open)

  • All athletes are ranked against their Sex and Division (RX or Scaled).

...ok on to more details


This year, instead of doing big huge teams, we’re gonna be going with more smaller teams. As mentioned above, the teams will consist of 3 people.  The only requirements are that each team MUST contain an RX male and a Scaled Athlete (male or female). Why is that?

Of all the possible athletes we have by far the most RX men.  So if we have the same requirements of RX women that we have of RX men, that will make for only a few competitive teams.  And that’s no fun. So this seems like the best way to make the most competitive teams.

So in real terms all of the following are possible team combo’s:

RX Male, RX Female/Male, Scaled Male/Female


We’ll be keeping up our very own scoreboard independent of the Open Scoreboard (again you can feel free to sign up for the CrossFit Open but it’s not required for this).  

All 4 Divisions (Male/Female & RX/Scaled) will have their scoreboard consisting of their own point totals.  Every division will have 100 possible points split up amongst the how many athletes participate. Here’s an EXAMPLE breakdown of the scoring (real numbers will be based on number of people doing the open).

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 4.41.59 PM.png

In order to submit a score you have basically two options.  You can compete along with the rest of DCF on Saturday’s at 10am and have a judge like we normally do.  


You’ll can submit a video of your performance to the #Competition according to all the video standards of the Open.  Then you’ll be voted on by your fellow competitors.  


Honestly, there’s not much outside of doing this just cause it’s fun.  We will be making some CHAMPIONS t-shirts for the winning team. But honestly if you’re in it for victory at all costs you’re doing it wrong.  This is to have some fun and add sprinkle some fun competition in the mix.  

Get yourself a team and have some fun!

We’ll be releasing a FAQ tomorrow but if you want to sign up now enter your team here!

Andrew Killion