2019 DCF Open: AM vs. PM

2019 District CrossFit Open: New Year, New Twist

Another year, another Open.  This will be our 5th year trying to find a way to take a global competition and make it meaningful for our four walls in Southwest DC.  This year, we want to try something that morphs the good parts and eliminates the less desirable elements. For 2019, we’ll be combining two of our favorite DCF events.

2019 District CrossFit Open:  AM vs. PM Edition [Register Here]

The AM PM challenge is probably the biggest “hey whatever happened to X” comments we get.  After thinking of ways to improve the CrossFit Open, we had a eureka moment: why not combine the two!

What’s New For 2019?

After 2018 we did some “exit interviews” with various people about what they liked and what they didn’t like.  

Some of the things they liked:
- Teams (namely... shirts)

- Prizes (though that was slightly overblown)

- Competition Days (thursdays specifically)

Some things that people didn’t like:

- Entry Fee

- Team Contributions (“I don’t feel like I helped my team much”)

- Team Construction

So for 2019 we wanted to try to keep what people like, and get rid of what people didn’t.  So here are a few of our fixes:

No entry fees.  

  • Downside: is we’ll also not be paying for your CrossFit Open entry fee.  

  • Upside: you don’t need to enter CrossFit’s version to partake of DCF’s.

Prizes will be democratized.

  • We have a bunch of local vendors donating prizes (Lululemon, Bluejacket, and more!)

  • Prizes will also be given out by vote, not by performance.  

  • In addition to our Annual Beer Pong Tournament, we’ll be having an Awards Ceremony to hand out various prizes and awards that you’ll be voting on!

Contribute through more than Scores.

  • Help your team win by contributing behind the scenes.  Attendance points, social media points, help recruit fellow athletes

Teams aren’t picked, they are “self selecting.”

  • Just like the AM/PM challenge, teams are more or less pre-decided.  It’s just a matter of how many people sign up!

So no matter if you’re a savvy vet or a green beginner, there’s a lot of fun to be had and points to contribute


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