Battle for the Capital

The Battle for the Capital


What it is…

The Battle for the Capitol is a multi-week competition between teams from District CrossFit, Patriot CrossFit, and Potomac CrossFit. Each team will have 8 athletes, and each affiliate will field two teams (for a total of 6 teams). This is a one-division event, there will be no scaled or mixed divisions.


When it is …

Week 1; 8/18: District @ Potomac [Patriot bye week]

Week 2; 8/25: Patriot @ District [Potomac bye week]

Week 3; 9/1: Potomac @ Patriot [District bye week]

Week 4; 9/8: Rest Week

Week 5; 9/15: Championship @ Potomac [All teams compete]


How teams will be built …

First, click here to register as an athlete.

Staff from each gym will choose teams of 8 based on the pool of registered athletes. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis; athletes available to compete in at least 2 of the 3 event weekends will be given deference over athletes only available for 1 event weekend. Athletes do not have to attend every single week, though it is preferred and beneficial for your team if you are able to. All events will require no more than 4 athletes (two men and/or two women), meaning if you have more than 4 athletes on hand, you may sub competitors out from one event to the next based on the workouts and the team members’ various strengths and weaknesses.


The competition …

In Weeks 1-3, teams will face off in 3-4 events testing a wide range of fitness.  These preliminary weeks will be used to seed and rank each team going into the Championship Weekend, Week 5.  On 15 September, all 6 teams will meet at Potomac CrossFit for an all-day event. The semifinals will be held in the morning, and the finals in the afternoon. As we get closer to the day of the event, scoring protocols will be released.

Interested in judging? Click here to sign up to judge!

Andrew Killion