Flex on the Mall...for spectators!!


As you all are probably aware the Annual Flex on the Mall is coming up on June 9th on the National Mall.  It’s probably one of our favorite events all year. Per usual, we have a bunch of teams showing up and flexing off.  

If you’re interested in trying it out (even just a little bit) we still have a number of teams and individuals looking to partner up.  It’s a GREAT competition for first timers and anyone just looking to have fun on the mall. If you’re interested check out what’s available here.

This year is different though…

This year we putting an extra emphasis on the “spectators.”  It’s usually a beautiful day so we think this will be a great chance to meet some new people and enjoy your fellow crossfitters.

We’re hoping this is gonna be more like an awesome picnic on the mall and less like a boring CrossFit competition.  Because, let’s be honest, competitions are fun to do but typically boring as hell to watch.

Our goal is to make this the first of a ton of fun social events in the near future.  

Here’s a brief list of things we’re bringing to flex that you should come check out:

-A Margarita Machine (that will totally not have alcohol in it 😏😏😏😏)

-4 Different Physical Therapists to work on athletes or regular people!

-Free Philz Coffee

-Free FitAid and Kill Cliff

-Free Meals from Territory


-Can Jam


...and more!

Do you have any things you think we should add?  Let us know and we’ll work on it!

See you on June 9th on the Mall!

Justin Gilman