Alright, Let's Talk 2018 Intramural Open

I heard you might have some questions about the District CrossFit Intramural Open starting on the 22nd.  So I figured this would be a good time for you and me to chat about it

Yeah I did!  So, uhh, what is it…

Really??  You didn’t even read the basic thing I sent out?  Fine.  I dont wanna give you the full run down on the CrossFit Open so just click here.

But at its core, this is our way to make the Open more fun.  The Open is a little bit too serious (in our humble opinions) on a lot of fronts so this is our way to make it meaningful without making it too serious.  

Wow so some people take this REALLY seriously huh?….

Yeah they do.  Most of them are nerds and really need to tone it down but it’s very important to some people.  But honestly for us it’s just our way to make it more fun.  You’ll probably still get butterflies before the WODs and have more self-doubt than you should (because we’ll still think you’re awesome) but in a weird way that’s part of the fun.  Just don’t take it too seriously and remember rule #6.

Ok I’ll at least consider it.  How does it work?

Cool. We’re getting there!  Here’s the basic rundown:

  • We’ve got 3 “team captains.”  

Wait, wait who are the Captains?

I’ll tell you later.

Ok continue…

Thank you….

  • Aside from those captains we’ve got a pool of sign-ups.   If you sign-up you WILL get drafted to a team.  
  • The pool is filled with Men’s RXd & Scaled and Women’s RXd & Scaled.  Think of them like positions in a fantasy team.
  • Each team captain will draft from the pool to make 3 different teams.
  • Those teams will be evenly comprised of the the different positions (see above) to try and make the most fair teams.
  • Each week the teams will post “total scores” made up of every individuals separate score (again, like fantasy football) and the overall score at the end of the 5 week Open wins.

So is this like getting picked in middle school dodgeball?

It’s more like getting picked for an awesome fantasy draft!  Teams are picked to optimize scores not to be a cool kid club.  Plus, you’d be surprised.  Last year when I picked I made sure to pick my Scaled Women first overall.  They are heart of your team.  I swear you can ask Amon.

What do I get if I win?

Wow that’s a little presumptuous don’t you think?  IF you win you’ll get

  • a sweet King Kong gym bag (alone worth $95)
  • A 2018 Champions T-shirt (effectively priceless)
  • DCF Waterbottle
  • Jumprope
  • Gift certificates to local spots (like Bluejacket and Ostaria Marini)
  • Gift certificates to other awesome places like Chipotle
  • Anything else we can get donated

Cool.  How much does it cost?

It’s $50 per person.

$50 seems like a lot.

I mean you don’t have to do it to still compete in the open.  But keep in mind the cost of the gym bag alone is $95.

What if I’m a “master’s” athlete?  Can I compete using those standards.

Sure.  You can do that.  There’s only like 3 of you but I’ll allow it!

Thanks!  What about if I’m not sure if I can do even the scaled part?

You should still do it.  Ask anyone who’s done the open before!  There’s no faster way to get better at something than pressure and a deadline.  The amount of double unders and pull ups I’ve seen during the open is astounding.  Combine that with some team support and you got a recipe for ballin out.

What if I can’t make it during the Saturday 11am timeslot you all are planning on doing the Open Workouts?

That’s ok.  You can do whatever the workout is pretty much anytime between Thursday at 8pm when it’s announced and Monday 8pm when it closes.  Here’s the catch though:  your judge MUST be a coach or someone that is ON AN OPPOSING TEAM.   That goes for if you do it at 11am on Saturday as well.  

Oh Sh*t!  I think I’m gonna be out of town for 2 week.  I don’t think I can do it!

Yeah you still can.  All you’ll need to do is submit a verified score through the CrossFit Games Open website.  You’ll be good to go and we’ll add that score to your team’s score.

Does that mean I’ll have to sign up for the CrossFit Open as well?



Shut up.  Yes.  It’s not that big a deal plus it’s a fun way to see where you stand and to keep your scores for next year.

Will there still be the 4th Annual DCF Beer Pong Tournament on March 24th?

OF COURSE!!!  That is the stupidest question you’ve asked yet.  

Ok you’ve sold me.  I’ll sign up.  How do I do that.

Click here.  Registration closes on Saturday at 4pm so hurry up!  We’ve only got like 10 tickets left.

Good talk.   See you out there.

Justin Gilman