DCF Photo Contest

You may have noticed we have these awesome banners hanging up at DCF.  We get compliments on them all the time but there’s one major issue with them.  They are kinda old and outdated.  We want to freshen them up a bit! And we’re asking you to guys to help us out.  And we’ll give you a sweet prize if yours is the best!


District CrossFit Photo Contest Details

  • If you take the best photo by the end of March, you could win a free month and be immortalized in glory.
  • Post a photo to Instagram or Facebook with #districtcrossfitphoto.
  • We, the DCF staff, will pick the 2 best photos.
  • We’ll print them up on a huge banner (like we currently have) and hang them in all their glory.
  • You win a free month!

That’s it.  It’s really pretty simple.  We have a bunch of awesome opportunities for great photos: Friday Night Lights, CrossFit Open Saturdays, and just general classes.  Get artsy, get badass, do something funny.  It doesn’t matter just capture photos and we’ll pick the best among them.

Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll answer them for you!  Happy photo hunting!

Justin GilmanComment