We're Getting WODify Feb 5th

More than you can possibly imagine… we are THRILLED to announce that starting on Feb 1st we’ll be switching from Zen Planner to WODify.  

I know you probably don’t immediately care about that switch but here are 3 reasons you should be as pumped as we are.


1.) Great Workout Tracking

Are you still writing down your workouts with pen and paper?  Oh wait… are you not writing down your workouts at all?  Well welcome to 2018.  Now we’ll be uploading our workouts to WODify so you can see the workouts and easily track your progress.  Don’t worry we’ll still be uploading them to the website and slack

All your workouts will be searchable and reference-able.  When we repeat lifts you’ll have easy access to your best scores so you can quickly figure out your numbers.  We’ll also be repeating WODs so you can see how you performed last time and crush it the next time.

2.) Expanded Leaderboard

WODify also has a great leaderboard-ing feature.  Instead of just the top 3 people we’ll be have every single person that ranked so you can see who you’re actually competing with.

Want to know who you should be competing with in the AM classes?

Want to know where your AM score ranked up at the end of the day?

No you’ll be able access the leaderboard anytime of the day and see your scores.  Feel free to talk trash too ;)  Just try to keep it clean.

3.) Control Your Account

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many classes you have left?  Or be able to update your picture or billing information really easily?  Yeah we did too.  

All this information will be easily accessible by you through the WODify app so you can access all your information easily.

Check Your Email Wednesday at 12pm

You’ll be getting a “Welcome Email” tomorrow at noon.  We’re working on putting your billing information into the app but you can feel free to update or change it after you get access.

All in all you’ll be you won’t really notice a change from our end, but hopefully you’ll be thrilled with all the new features you have access to :)

Justin Gilman