A REVOLUTIONARY Concept for Effective Training

I’m not even gonna make you read through this to find it.  It’s just this simple:  Have fun.  Keeping showing up.

What if it was fun?  What if you just looked forward to working out?  What if results became unimportant and you just had fun?  Wouldn’t that be a WILD idea for working out…

If you’ve met me at all you know I’m a skeptic.  I firmly believe everyone is wrong until they prove themselves right.  The moment claims are made is the moment I start looking to poke holes in arguments.  Don’t you dare cite some off-brand study with a sample size of 12 untrained people whose VO2 Max improved by 5 second eccentric contractions on a squat. DO. NOT. DO IT!

I used to want to believe it.  That there was some magic ingredient that people were missing.  The more unique a training program looked there had to be something behind it.  “Why else would it look so weird if it didn’t work!??!” I’d ask myself.  Turns out it’s just good marketing to make things weird.  

Long story short, I’ve learned better.  I’ve learned the only and I mean ONLY thing that makes a difference in training is consistency.  You know what variable I’ve found that impacts consistency?  Enjoyment.  When you’re having fun you will keep doing it.  When it’s a chore, you won’t.  Forget if it’s sets of 3 or 4 (it doesn’t matter).  Forget if you’re doing 12 or 13 minutes of anaerobic threshold training (also, doesn’t matter).  For every 1 person whose had success following one recipe I can show you 12 who did the exact opposite and got the exact same results.  Anyone who tells you minutiae like that matters is just wrong.  

Just do two things:  Have fun.  Keeping showing up.  I don’t care if it’s soul cycle, zumba or jazzercise.  If you’re having fun that’s all that matters.  The best way to get results is to forget about trying to get them.  Life’s too short to hate workouts in search of a goal no one can honestly guarantee you’ll achieve  (if they do guarantee it run….run fast).  Once you’re having fun and the training is a by-product; you’re making the right moves.  

Have fun.  Keep showing up.  And you’ve already revolutionized your life.

Justin Gilman