District CrossFit 18.2 Intramural Update and Scoreboard

Another week another Open WOD in the books.  This week came a bit of a throwback to 2016 which combined a short 🔥Metcon and a Max Effort Clean.  Thankfully CrossFit decided not to be dumb and actually combine the two so you couldn't just punt one in favor of the other.

The workout was different but the leaderboard stayed the same.  Hustle & Muscle continued to put up strong scores from top to bottom and maintain their stranglehold on 1st place and increase their lead a bit.  A strong performance on Thursday from Sam Jenkins set the tone early and the team backed up on Saturday.  

Performance of the week goes to Zach Allen for not only gritting out an awesome last second 215 clean but also posing for this amazing photo:

As we move into Week 3 teams are starting to understand that strategy outperforms raw talent in most cases.

One Special Note: I want to give a special thank you due to the LACK of complaints about judging.  It will always be the achilles heel of CrossFit competitions.  Having said that, if you seem to think some people are getting away with something JUDGE THEM!  Be as strict as you like while keeping the Asshole Rule in mind: If you're an asshole to them they'll return the favor 10 times over.

Dave Castro Clue for the Week 3 Food:

Andrew Killion