Nick Espinoza | December Athlete of the Month

Nick Espinoza has been named DCF’s Athlete of the Month for December! Here’s what Coach Sean had to say about him:

The dude has totally embraced the Crossfit community and dove into it headfirst. Despite some mobility issues he’s in here 4-5 days a week, working on his weaknesses and focusing on the long term goals. He’s got a great attitude and isfriendliest guy you’ll meet.

Here’s a little Q&A with the man himself…

DCF: When did you start CrossFit? How long have you been with us here at DCF? What made you want to come in to give it a shot?
Nick: I started CrossFit late this July - and my first and only box is District CrossFit. I was honestly hesitant to try it out - there are lots of preconceived notions, it by design exposes weaknesses, and is just straight up hard.  But, our website rocks and the coaching staff looked great. So I stepped into the box, chalked up, and got after it. And since WOD one, everyone has been motivating, the coaching is informative and knowledgeable, and our space is pretty cool!

DCF: What is the biggest thing about you/your life that's changed since starting CrossFit
Nick: Honestly, I started my fitness journey a year ago almost to the day - I was overweight, my diet sucked, my workout routine was non existent, and health knowledge was poor. I did basic lifting, lost weight, ate better.

When I joined DCF - I was plateauing and probably close to not continuing down a healthy path. It is hard to stay motivated without a community around you. 

But since starting CrossFit, I now consider myself a functional athlete. I’ve found a great community, committed to driving myself in the gym, found a healthy balance with eating, a desire for incremental improvement, and every single lift has gone through the ceiling. 🦍

DCF: Whose your favorite coach, and why?
Nick: This is no secret - Sean Hutchinson. 

Sean takes the time to work with you individually, hear you out, and knows when to push you harder or tell you to back off. He does this all without making you feel small or dumb! 

Plus, his lifts are insane - how can you not be inspired when you see your coach throwing down?

DCF: Favorite movement and/or workout? Least favorite?
Nick: I love deadlifts. Nothing feels better than a good grip-n-rip. 

I absolutely hate snatches. I’ve got some shoulder mobility issues but I’m working through it.

DCF: Do you have any CrossFit-related goals you'd like to share?
Nick: I’d like to enter my first competition in the next 6 months and place! I’ve got so much to work on, so if you ever see me dragging ass, remind me of this. 

DCF: Do you have any advice for anyone who just started or is thinking about starting up at DCF
Nick: Do it! There is no doubt that the work is hard, but you’ll be better for it. See you at the 5:30 WOD!

Andrew Killion