DCF Cool Down

Starting this coming Monday, we’re going to launch a cool down protocol here at DCF.  We were going to wait until the New Year to kick this thing off, but we’re ready now, so we thought we might as well pull the trigger.  

At the end of every class in which an assistant coach is on hand, athletes will be able to stay for an extra 5-10 minutes for a coach-led cool down.  The lead coach during the following class will have their athletes warm-up towards the front of the gym between the rowers/bikes and the rig while the class that just finished will do some soft tissue work, down-regulating breathing techniques, banded distraction work, or targeted stretching in the back half of the main training floor between the two rigs (directly adjacent to the wallball targets.)  

We will run the cool down program through the end of January, at which time we will assess if the logistics are sound or need to be tweaked, whether or not you -- our members -- are enjoying having access to it, or quite simply if there is enough space for one class to be warming up while another class is cooling down.  

At DCF we are going to constantly work to add value to the product we offer and will always look for ways in which we can improve. We do not expect every one of our initiatives to be a home run, but we’ll swing for the fences when we think we’re on to something that means the service you all receive is going to get better (sportsball reference, nailed it.)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out Colin via Slack or email.  

Andrew Killion