Open Prep Thursdays

The CrossFit Games Open starts in 5 weeks!!!  So we're introducing: Open Prep Thursdays.

I’m sure many people could not care less (and that’s totally cool!) but every year without fail we watch DCFers do amazing things. From getting their first pullup to finally tackling double unders, having a little bit of pressure and a deadline are two key ingredients to surprising yourself!

You can read more about The Open here but we have two goals in the next 5 weeks:

  1. To show you (YES YOU!!!) can do it

  2. To make you feel comfortable pushing your limits.

So every Thursday we’re gonna be reaching back into the archives, pulling out an old Open Workout and having you all compete.  Here are a few wrinkles in the workouts:


3 Changes for Open Prep Thursday

1.) Every Thursday Workout Your MetCon Will Have a Judge.

That’s right, you’re gonna be partnering up and running at least 2 heats.  The good news: you don’t have to count your reps anymore.  The bad news: someone else is going to be counting your reps.  Which means you’re probably going to get a few no-reps here and there.  AND THAT’S OK!!!  You need to get used to judging and being judged.    It’s ok to give and get no reps.  No one is going to hate you.  

You will also be judging others.  So if you have trouble counting to 25 in the middle of the workout, this is a nice time to practice. Make sure the athlete meets the movement standards. Don’t be afraid to be strict and hold each other accountable.  

(Side Note: If you conveniently decide to do these on your own a.) you will not go on the RX leaderboard and b.) you’re going to draw the conspicuous eye of Andrew and he will happily volunteer to judge and validate all of your Open Scores)

2.) Both RX’d and Scaled WODs.

In The Open there are RXd versions and Scaled versions (as well as Master’s and Teens).  Of course if you don’t feel comfortable we’ll help you scale down.  But one of the magical parts of The Open is the forced revelation of, “Holy crap!!! I didn’t I could do that!!”  So you’re going to be heavily, heavily, heavily encouraged to do one.  If you can do RXd DO IT!  As we’ve tried telling you before, no one cares about your score.  But you should be extremely proud of what you can accomplish.  We desperately want to avoid pushing you to do something you don’t want to.  But please understand it’s only because we genuinely genuinely genuinely believe in you!

3.) Skills Prep instead of Strength Prep.

It might be a little bit late in the game but it’s time you practiced some skills.  I know some of you might be thinking “uhhh I’ve got pullups so I don’t need to practice them.”  To that I say, “uhhh shut up!”  I’m pretty sure Steph Curry’s “got free throws”  but it doesn’t stop him from shooting 2,000 shots a week and 100 before every game.  So yes, even you can and should be practicing.  If you don’t have them we want to help!  We’re gonna spend some extra time breaking them down and giving you some time to get better at them.


It’s our sincere hope that all of you choose to participate in this year’s CrossFit Open but we don’t want you to feel pressured or left out if you don’t.  We’re gonna make it a ton of fun and you’re more than welcome to participate at any level you want (from 0 to 100).

Stay tuned for a lot more updates on some fun stuff we have planned and if you have any questions at all feel free to reach out to

Andrew Killion