The Results of Our 2018 Q3 Survey

First, Thank You!

Though we mentioned this in the email I just want to take a second to thank everyone who took a second to respond to our survey. We’re really on a mission to keep improving things around DCF but we’re also admittedly bad about playing the guessing game. Seems like a better way is just to ask.

The fact that you guys are so willing to take your time to give your thoughts and suggestions means a lot, so again, thanks!

A Quick Explanation

One problem we’ve had in the past when taking a survey is that there’s no downside.

In other words, when we ask “1.) Would you like X?”, “2.) Would you like Y?” and “3.) Would You Like Z?” People would just respond YES! Because why not? This time we wanted there to be some kind of downside. In other words, you couldn’t just say yes to everything, something else had to be suffer so we could prioritize.

Of course there are a few downsides to doing it this way. Groupings became important. If two important things were grouped together, and thus pitted against one another, they might both lose their impact to something less important. However, we think en masse the results we’re pretty obvious about what you all thought was important.

Also, just to reiterate, just because something was on the list or won it’s grouping, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. You can see where that became apparent below.

So without further ado. Here we go….

The Results

We sorted these by average ranking in the group. So the lower the number the higher it was ranked.

What would be the best addition to current classes?

  1. New Equipment (1.76)

  2. Additional Coaches in the Class (2.16)

  3. Longer Class Times (2.62)

  4. Childcare (3.46)

Notes: The 1.76 was a pretty solid leader in the clubhouse. For what it’s worth we usually buy stuff every 3 months or so and so you can see below for some more details on what that will look like this quarter.

What additional services would you add/improve?

  1. More Cleaning (2.10)

  2. More Open Gym/ DIY (2.29)

  3. Towel Service (2.82)

  4. More Billing/Customer Support (3.83)

Notes: We kinda figured cleaning would be the leader. Towel service was kind of a filler answer to be perfectly honest, pretty unlikely that we do this. You can read more below on

What additional class would you attend most?

  1. Mobility Focused Class (2.20)

  2. Endurance Focused Class (2.56)

  3. Strength Focused Class (2.61)

  4. Gymnastics Focused Class (2.63)

Notes: This one was interesting! Expect some more follow up on this because we tried for awhile to offer some classes with Dr. Mike but they were ill-attended so we decided to pull them off. Would adding a cooldown part of the WOD alleviate the need for a stand alone class? Leave a comment below.

What element is most important for a good class?

  1. Coaching (1.69)

  2. Workout itself (1.82)

  3. Teammates (3.18)

  4. Starts/Ends on time (3.31)

Notes: Coaching/Workout. Pretty huge winners here. There was a lot of good feedback in the “open feedback” section about what exactly you’re looking for in coaches. Hopefully you’ll notice a few tweaks to this over the coming weeks to help facilitate better coaching and also better workouts.

What would most improve the physical space?

  1. New Layout (2.42)

  2. New Paint (2.43)

  3. Odds and Ends (flags, pictures, accoutrement) (2.53)

  4. New Lighting (2.62)

Notes: This was the classic “let’s just see what people think!” The idea was something would really have to blow it out of the water to justify investing in this category. The fact that it was almost even across the board makes me think it’s not worth the cost to change anything too major here.

What extra curricular would you like more of?

  1. Specialty Class/Mini-Series (2.02)

  2. Social Events (2.39)

  3. In-Depth Seminars (2.60)

  4. Competitions (2.99)

Notes: Noted. Specialty classes/mini-series. If you’ve got specific things in mind always reach out to let us know. We’re working on getting more of those mini-series goings and also adding a few weekend workshops. Stay Tuned!

Open Feedback Results

The open feedback results were also pretty illuminating and interesting. Although it would take a lot longer post in order to go over all the results there were a few themes that emerged and I wanted to discuss how we planned on address them. They’re ranked here in terms of “most often requested.”

More Coaches

“I think the biggest improvement needed is additional coaches in the big classes. One coach for 20+ athletes is not enough and I feel that adjustments and corrections often get lost.”

Totally agree. This is something we’ve been trying to work on but it’s been difficult to manage schedules as well as try and keep up with demand. You’d be amazed how as soon as we add a coach to the 5:30 class everyone starts going to 4:30. Then when we add one to 4:30 the 6:30 starts blowing up. Do we smell bad or something?

This dovetails well with being able to expand some of the in-class offerings and come November we’re planning on adding some staff that will make each class have more.

More Focus On Mobility/Cool Downs

”I think a recommended cool down/ stretch sequence for the major movements that week would be great.”

A number of people expressed an interest in a mobility or optional cooldown portion of the WOD. I totally get that this would be something people wanted but I am a little surprised at how often it came up. We did used to have ROMWOD at the front but that seemed to lose enthusiasm pretty quickly.

As mentioned above, this fits nicely with a few additions to the coaching staff we’re making but our plan as it stands is starting in November we’ll be adding an additional (but optional) cooldown part of the WOD.

Morning Specialty Classes

“It would be nice to have oly and/or powerlifting in the early morning. 6:30pm is too late for some of us! 6am, 6:30am, or 7am would be great :)”

I’m starting to notice a trend that having more staffing would make a lot of these requests a whole lot easier. Isn’t feedback great? These AM specialty classes are definitely high on the priority list. Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting can be a bit tricky in the AM physiologically (be honest how long before class did you wake up?) but if there are enough people that want it we’re always open to it.

Just an FYI though this would seriously cut into the amount of open space for “open gym” so if you’re a fan of being able to free wheel in the morning you should speak out against this idea. There’s no such thing a free lunch after all.

Better Cleaning

“I have noticed the gym’s sanitary conditions in a steady, but slow glissade of unwelcomeness. I understand there are more and more individuals attending the facilities, but standards still need to be communal and enforced.”

First of all let me just say whoever wrote the above feedback has some of the most next level vocabulary.

Second of all we kinda expected this to be one of the more heavily requested additions. But we figured it prudent to ask first, but to no surprise this was a common request.

To continue the theme, we’re hiring a new cleaning service starting Nov 1st as well as doubling the cleaning budget to service this request.

Another recurring comment related to cleaning was the dismay people had with their fellow athletes tidiness. As a reminder, please remember to bring your things home with you as we’ll be throwing them out/donating them at more regular intervals. Also, please do not leave things on the gym floor. Gym bags should not be left on the workout floor. Space is cramped as is and it’s rude to take up benches and floor space or otherwise impede others with your things. Please leave all bags and personal items in the bathrooms.

More/Upgrade Equipment

”Plates are slowly breaking/disappearing. Running out of boxes, bikes, rowers constantly for WODs. Wall balls are all lopsided from being used as slam balls.”

New equipment is something we try to order on a quarterly basis. Typically our course of action is to tally up all the broken stuff, replace it, and then with whatever is left in the budget buy new toys. We’ll be ordering new stuff in the coming weeks so by all means let us know what you’d like to have replaced even if it’s not broken, per se (the wall balls here are a great example).

There were a few requests for things like Ski Ergs and Air Runner Treadmills as well. Unfortunately these are pretty low on the priority list. We subscribe to a $/movement model when it comes to buying equipment. A barbell has a billion uses and costs ~$300. So the ratio is pretty solid. A ski erg has one use and costs $850. So it’s ratio is not high. Combine that with the fact that in order to get any utility we’d need to buy at least 10 and it makes it hard to justify buying ski ergs, treadmills, etc.

Another request regarding equipment was re-arranging fans. Considering it seems to have cooled off for now this one probably won’t be terribly high on the priority list for now, but come the 2019 summer we’ll be sure to take a look at how we arrange the fans.

In Conclusion

Once again, I just want to say thanks again for taking the time to fill out the survey. It’s super helpful for making decisions that will help us provide the best possible gym in the area.

You’ll be hearing some more in the month leading up to November but many of the concerns will be addressed by then. If you felt anything here was glossed over please reach out or leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to get you an answer/solution.

In the meantime, and as always, please reach out to amon@districtcrossfit or if you have any pressing concerns.

PS… Jay I’m working on getting your damn water bottle filler. Leave me alone!

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