How Much Flexibility... Is Too Much?

JUST BECAUSE YOU GOT INJURED DOES AUTOMATICALLY NOT MEAN YOU NEED MORE MOBILITY/FLEXIBILITY.    As I mentioned above, in the overwhelming majority of cases there was a problem with your movement that caused your injury.  Lack of mobility/flexibility could be what caused your movement dysfunction.....

Andrew Killion
The Difference Between Cowards and Heroes

A Coward, both literally and figuratively, is “someone who is scared.  Someone who is easily intimidated.” On the other hand, a Hero is someone who is “noted for courageous acts and nobility of character.”  Note that nowhere in either description is the outcome of any relevance in differentiating between a Hero or a Coward.  The only thing that separates the two is the approach taken....

Andrew Killion
DCF Photo Contest

You may have noticed we have these awesome banners hanging up at DCF.  We get compliments on them all the time but there’s one major issue with them.  They are kinda old and outdated.  We want to freshen them up a bit! And we’re asking you to guys to help us out.  And we’ll give you a sweet prize if yours is the best!

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